The Urbino Cathedral | Urbino, Italy

When you visit the Urbino old town, it may seem like a travel back in time. If you look on the buildings and ignore modern outfits of people passing by, the posters, café umbrellas, you can feel like a time traveller visiting on a summer’s day, that is 500 years ago.

This is the impression one could have, especially when you visit the square in front of the Urbino Cathedral. The first cathedral was built there in 1021, which replaced the previous that was located outside of the city walls. The main construction though, began in the 15th century under the rules and patronage of Count Federico da Montefeltro.

The Urbino Duomo was constructed and improved through the centuries, gaining even some neoclassical accents. However, it was still very much like the Italian “Renaissance spirit” in this place.

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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