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The origins of the main square in Milan are from the 14th century, when The Lord of MilanAzzone Visconti ordered the demolishment of the taverns, that stood on this market square. Around the same time, the construction of the Milan Cathedral began. Over the centuries, the Piazza was enlarged and rebuilt. It almost took 6 centuries to finish the famous Duomo di Milano and today, it’s a most memorable view, to see the finished Cathedral in the middle of the square, especially when the sun is just rising over Milano.

The 5th largest Cathedral in the world

Milano Duomo is the 5th largest Cathedral in the world and among this list of five – it is the oldest Cathedral. The day before I took this photo, we were enjoying some “Spritz” with a friend in a rooftop bar. From there, we had a view of the top of the Milan Cathedral. From a bird’s eye view, you can see the many sculptures that are decorating the Duomo Towers. All of the towers are made with such great detail.

You might ask – why? You might be thinking that from a lower view, you may not see so much of the details, but this was why it was designed in a gothic style – the sculptures were not made for humans to see in the first place and the sculptures were made with the idea that God would see them from above. I’m not a particularly religious person but understanding what it meant to build the Cathedral with such passion and how much it meant to people, was really admirable. If you’re ever in Milan, make sure that you see the Piazza del Duomo from the bird’s eye view and also during the sunrise!

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