Summer | Ferrara, Italy

Ferrara was one of the first cities in Italy that was built using specific architectural plans, intended for use to make fully functional and visually appealing. Ferrara, together with the Po Delta River belongs to the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE. All those facts convinced me I need to see this city!

We visited Ferrara on our way from Venice to Tuscany. We spent an afternoon and I was already convinced, becoming a real fan of the town. It is very unusual to see the town as a tourist site because the surrounding competition is very high. Venice, Florence, Rome, Bologna and other destinations are a must-see in Italy. As a UNESCO site photo “collector” however, I just had to visit and capture this in my photography.

The city was not big but proved to be very charming. I was especially attracted to the old alleys that arched over, immediately feeling the urge to wander around trying to find the perfect composition. The photo above filled with the warm colours of the surrounding buildings and in my opinion depicted the vibe of the city in the most amazing way.

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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