Panorama of Como | Italy

This photo of the city and Lake Como overlooking the Alps was taken during our “road trip” through Italy. The city of Como is only 40 kilometres from Milan, yet the views and nature around this place are different from the capital of Lombardy.

Como city

The town of Como was not always located where it is now. The first settlements were established in the hills surrounding Lake Como as early as the Bronze Age. The settlements were inhabited by the Celtic tribe of Orobia. In the first century BC, however, these areas passed into Roman ownership. It was these times that mainly shaped the first outlines of the city. Then, by order of Julius Caesar, the centre of the city of Como was moved to the current location. Previously, this area was covered by marshes, which were drained especially for the construction. Como was then surrounded by typical Roman defensive walls and the city streets were arranged in a grid of perpendicular streets. Remnants of this plan are visible and in modern times.

Today, the city of Como is one of the most popular attractions in Lombardy. In 2018, the number of tourists exceeded 1.3 million. Thus, Como positioned itself as the 3rd most visited city in the region right after Milan and Brescia. No wonder… who would pass up such views and the prospect of discovering Como’s centuries-old culture?

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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