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Maynooth University hall and St Patrick's Pontifical University Chapel on a bright sunny day in Ireland
A path on St Joseph Square leads you right to Maynooth University hall and the St Patrick's Pontifical University Chapel

How did we end up at Maynooth University? Well, in August 2023, Daria and I embarked on our Irish adventure, stepping onto the Emerald Isle for the first time. Our journey began in Dublin, moving on to the iconic Cliffs of Moher. Throughout our trip, the weather kept us on our toes with sudden rain showers and brief moments of sunshine, challenging me in capturing my ideal photographs.

On our final day, the ever-changing Irish sky caught our attention as we drove back to Dublin for our flight to Portugal. With its mix of clouds and occasional sun rays, it seemed like a work of art. Recalling what I had learned about Maynooth University when reading up about Dublin, I felt compelled to visit. After all, it’s located just about 25km from the capital.

Hunger timed our arrival in Maynooth perfectly. Daria found us a great local restaurant in the university town. Then, after a hearty lunch and indulging in a dessert, we briefly waited for a passing raincloud to move on.

Visiting Maynooth University

Once the rain stopped, we quickly headed to Maynooth University’s south campus. The calm of a Saturday afternoon in August meant that the campus was quiet, providing a clear view of its historic buildings. From where we stood at St Joseph Square, the majestic university hall and the noteworthy St Patrick’s Pontifical University chapel stood side by side. The sky was a vibrant blue with white clouds scattered about, while at ground level, the fresh green grass and bright red roses painted a lively scene. The sunlit path ahead seemed like an open invitation to delve deeper into this famous Irish institution.

Every bit of the south campus spoke of the legacy and tradition of Maynooth University. As we explored more, we understood why it’s celebrated not just as an educational institution but also as a monument of Irish heritage.

Capturing this scene, I felt grateful for the chance to witness and photograph such an essential part of Ireland’s educational and historic landscape.

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Nico Trinkhaus

Nico Trinkhaus is the mind-blind photographer, using cameras to create visions and memories that otherwise would be lost to him.

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