Temple Bar | Dublin, Ireland

The Temple Bar on a sunny day in Dublin without people
The Temple Bar under a dawning sky, capturing Dublin's essence in a single frame.

A trip to Dublin promises culture, picturesque beauty and – of course – Irish pubs. One of its most iconic landmarks, therefore, is the Temple Bar. Through my lens, on a serene Sunday morning, I witnessed this famed location in a way few ever do.

The Dawn’s Palette

Waking up to the ambience of Dublin’s streets, I made my way past the City Hall to the Temple Bar district. As I approached The Temple Bar, the morning played its symphony of colours. To my left, the sky seemed to have been painted with a brush dipped in golden sunshine, illuminating the horizon and casting a delicate glow on the surroundings. To the right, the deep blue canvas was still untouched by dawn, a reminder of the night that had just passed.

Central to this dramatic panorama stood the proud building of The Temple Bar. The iconic red facade of the ground-level pub was radiant, exuding warmth and welcome even at this early hour. Above it, the red brick construction of the two higher floors looked stately and resolute. Intriguingly, the lights of the pub were still on, perhaps a nod to the night’s festivities or an invitation for the day to come.

A Moment in Time

It was a sight few have seen. The usually bustling Temple Bar district was in a state of tranquil repose. Not a single soul in sight, the bar seemed to be taking a brief respite, gathering itself before another day of jubilations and melodies.

This photograph would’ve been a mere dream if not for the chance encounters and decisions of the previous day. Whether it was the serendipitous meeting with Anthony, a local photographer, at Ha’penny Bridge the previous evening – he told me Sunday mornings are good as pubs close earlier than in Germany and the drunks are home already. Or if it was the relentless march of my 31,000 steps in the first 24 hours in Dublin. The elements had conspired to bring me to this exact moment of awe.

In the Footsteps of History

But while The Temple Bar today is synonymous with merriment and revelry, its roots reach deep into Dublin’s history. The district’s medieval origins and subsequent redevelopment in the 17th century have shaped its streets and buildings, weaving a rich tapestry that’s both palpable and revered. The bar’s very name might even be a nod to the storied Temple Bar district in London, which served as the primary toll-gate into the city during medieval times.

As the first droplets of rain began to fall just minutes after capturing the image, I took shelter, reflecting on my first 24 hours in Dublin. From the very moment I set foot in the city, it had unravelled itself to me, one layer at a time. And right at its heart, The Temple Bar stood as a testament to its spirit and resilience.

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Nico Trinkhaus

Nico Trinkhaus is the mind-blind photographer, using cameras to create visions and memories that otherwise would be lost to him.

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