Irish Flag | Ha’penny Bridge, Dublin

Ha'penny Bridge with Irish Flag reflections on River Liffey at night
The Ha'penny Bridge, beautifully reflecting the colors of the Irish Flag on a serene Dublin evening.

The Ha’penny Bridge, with its rich history spanning over two centuries, has always been an iconic landmark of Dublin, a pedestrian pathway above the River Liffey, inviting visitors to experience both its architectural beauty and the tales it holds. But during my recent visit to Dublin, it became more than just a historical marvel; it became a canvas of colors, an embodiment of the Irish Flag itself.

I still remember that first evening in Dublin. I walked along the River Liffey, capturing the Four Courts building and other landmarks. The sun had just set, and the clouds were racing, painting a dynamic sky. With my camera in hand, I played with long exposures, trying to capture the movement of the heavens above and the still waters below. The Ha’penny Bridge stood there, silent, seemingly unchanged by the passing of time.

Discovering the Irish Flag

However, the real magic began the next evening. As I strolled along the River Liffey, capturing its serene beauty, I came across the Ha’penny Bridge again. I recalled noticing a broken green light from the evening before. This time, an idea began to form. Could I turn this ‘imperfection’ into a unique visual narrative?

As I crossed the bridge, the vision became clearer. The waters below were reflecting a spectacle – the colors of the Irish Flag. The left side, illuminated by the green light under the bridge, the middle of the bridge itself shining pure white, and on the right, the entrance to the Temple Bar district, basked in an ambient orange glow from the evening lights.

Excitement rushed through me. I set up my camera and opted for an exposure of 60 seconds. The ground beneath me shook as pedestrians passed by, celebrating Dublin’s All Ireland Championship win. It took six attempts, each time hoping for that perfect moment of stillness, to capture the reflection of the tricolors.

Green for Gaelic, Catholic, and Republican. Orange for Anglican, Protestant, and Unionist. And white, standing for the hope of peace between the two.

That evening, Ha’penny Bridge became more than just a structure; it became a reflection of Ireland’s soul, its past, present, and future.

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Nico Trinkhaus

Nico Trinkhaus is the mind-blind photographer, using cameras to create visions and memories that otherwise would be lost to him.

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