Budapest Parliament Assembly Hall Interior

Budapest Parliament Assembly Hall Interor
Inside the grand Budapest Parliament Assembly Hall, a testament to Hungary's rich history and architectural splendor

The Budapest Parliament is a marvel of architectural grandeur, boasting 691 rooms, 29 staircases, 13 elevators, 27 entrances, and 10 courtyards. Yet, at the heart of this vast complex lies the most crucial room, the Parliament Assembly Hall. While visiting this magnificent space is allowed only with a guide, Nico managed to immortalize its grandeur through his lens.

Budapest Parliament Assembly Hall

To truly appreciate the Parliament’s architectural beauty, it helps to delve into some fascinating numbers. The construction of the Parliament reportedly consumed 40 million bricks, but this number pales in comparison to the staggering 40 kilograms of gold and half a million precious stones used to embellish the interiors.

The interiors, predominantly in the Baroque style, present an ornate spectacle. Spaces like the Parliament Assembly Hall are adorned with an array of frescoes, paintings, and stained glass windows, contributing to the building’s opulence.

In the Assembly Hall, one striking feature is the array of coats of arms displayed on the main wall. They represent the six ruling dynasties in Hungary: The Arpad’s, the Andegawens, the Corvin’s, the Jagiellons (white eagle), the Zápolyovs, and the House of Habsubr-Lorraine. As our guide told us, these families owned lands that maybe one day will belong to Hungary again?

Here you can purchase your ticket to visit the interior of the Budapest Parliament. We highly recommend a visit, even if just seeing the Parliament from the outside as part of the Budapest Skyline is already a sight to behold.

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