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Budapest is one of those cities in Europe which we miss the most. And this is not only because of the cuisine but also because of all those visually pleasing monuments. Although we must admit it is not always a piece of bread and butter to capture them – a good example is this photo of Budapest Royal Castle. In a matter of fact, it took Nico a few years of learning to be able to process this shot.

The Buda Castle

The Buda Castle, known also as Budapest Royal Castle is one of the oldest assembles in the capital of Hungary. It was built already in 1265 in Gothic style. Sadly, the castle was several times destroyed by wars that stormed through Hungary. The siege of Turks in 1686 ruined the gothic building. By using the remains of ruins, the castle was rebuilt, this time in Baroque style. Nowadays, a major part of the assembly is constructed in this ornate kind. This despite the second catastrophe which bruised the castle. Here I mean the II World War, during which the German Army took the castle as their refuge.

In this photo, you see a particular sculpture showing Matthias Fountain (Mátyás kútja). It decorates the western wall of the palace and displays a hunting scene. If you look closer, on top of the group you will see Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus standing over a pray-dead deer.

By the way, our favourite way to get to the Castle was by crossing the picturesque Széchenyi Chain Bridge since we always had our accommodation on the Pest side of the city. Crossing over to Buda will give you incredible panoramic views on Budapest.

Picture of Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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