Mount Lycabettus | Athens, Greece

What a colorful mosaic… That’s what I said when I saw the fantastic panorama view of Mount Lycabettus in Athens. This photo was taken from the famous Acropolis and you can see the hill, surrounded by bright colored buildings, typical for the capital of Greece.

The history behind Mount Lycabettus in Athens

According to Greek mythology, the Goddess Athena created Mount Lycabettus – she dropped a piece of limestone accidentally and that’s how the hill came to existence. Another ancient story tells that Mount Lycabettus was once a home to wolves – ‘lycos’ means ‘wolf’ in Greek.

Mount Lycabettus today

Being a popular tourist destination, the Mount stands at 277 meters above the sea level in the center of Athens. It’s a nice walk to the top and when you reach there, you will be rewarded by a breathtaking panorama view. You will also find the small church “St. George” there, a stunning amphitheater, as well as a fancy café/restaurant, called “The terrace of Athens”. If you don’t feel like walking, a cable car will take you up easily.

Personally, I was most amazed by the fact, that there’s a hill in the center of a capital city. Mount Lycabettus is a really unique formation and if you still haven’t visited the charming capital of Greece, I recommend you to do it soon.

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Nico Trinkhaus

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