Skyline and The Olympic Tower | Munich, Germany

There is something about German cities – they always need to have a TV Tower! This time it’s not a TV Tower from Berlin, but rather a photo from Munich.

It’s been a hot and late summer day in the capital of Bavaria. We were on our way back from Italy to Berlin when we decided to see Munich and enjoy the Bavarian beer and Obazda. We also had the chance to meet our friends who were originally from there, but most of the year would then live on Mallorca (it happened that they were visiting their old hometown at the same time). Thanks to Max and Eva Winter, we could enjoy this view of the sunset from their hotel balcony.

The Olympic Tower is 291 meters high and was opened in 1968. The Tower was built as a part of the Olympic Park for the Summer Olympics in 1972. Since it has been opened to the public, it has already garnered over 42 million visitors. It’s no wonder that the view from above Munich would be spectacular there as well. I promised myself that when we visited Munich on our next visit, we would definitely stay a lot longer. We plan to visit the restaurant which is at a height of 181 meters over the ground level. The restaurant is supposed to revolve, so that in 53 minutes you can see all the city and all around.

On this particular evening, we were very glad to have the view of the Olympic Tower with friends and with the sun setting behind in the horizon, drinking wine and having time to catch up.

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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