Potsdamer Platz in clouds | Berlin, Germany

Potsdamer Platz (Potsdam Square) in Berlin is one of the major road intersections in the capital of Germany. It had been destroyed during the Second World War and later during the communist regime, it was quite an abandoned place. Until the day the Berlin wall fell…

A square with modern architecture

Nico’s grandfather used to tell us the story that over 30 years ago at this place, there was nothing – just meadows and a pond. So close to the Berlin wall nobody wanted to build houses. But once the city became united again, the square got new “shot of life”. Today the modern architecture on Potsdamer Platz is quite a contrast to the traditional Berlin-style buildings. However, for Nico, this is the favourite cityscape to photograph.

To capture this photograph Nico was waiting three months observing weather conditions. To have the right movement of the clouds the wind would have to be strong and come from the west. It took him 5 hours to shoot this long exposure, but it was worth the time.

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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