Banz Abbey | Bavaria, Germany

Banz Abbey (in German Kloster Banz), known also as the Banz Castle is one of the hidden pearls of Bavaria. Previously Benedictine monastery, nowadays serves as a conference centre or a museum of fossils and curiosities such as Egyptian Mummies.

No pressure taking this photograph

We visited the Banz Abbey during our stay in Bad Staffelstein in Bavaria. We’ve heard about this old monastery from our locals and decided to drive up the hill to capture the abbey with the setting sun. We were not so lucky with the weather and there was no chance for the epic sunset this day.

But when we approached the castle a terrific smell captured my attention. In the entrance of the abbey there was a typical German restaurant with sauerkraut and Bavarian beer. While I started to study the menu forgetting slowly bad weather, Nico had a few minutes to capture this courtyard of the Banz Abbey. Of course without any pressure.? How do you like the shot?

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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Nico Trinkhaus

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