The Royal Castle | Poznań, Poland

The Royal Castle | Poznań, Poland

The Royal Castle | Poznań, Poland Poland, Poznan This newly renovated Royal Castle in Poznan has quite a long and rich history. Works on its construction started already in the 13th century. Today it houses the Museum of Applied Arts. The origins of the Royal Castle...
Cloud forest in Singapore with mist surrounding vegetated mountain

Cloud Forest | Marina Bay, Singapore

During our trip to Singapore we discovered this gem right at the iconic Marina Bay coastline. In the middle of a nature park built on reclaimed land, underneath breathtaking structures made from steel and glass two artificial biotopes have been created. The image shows the 42 meters high artificial mountain as well as the observation path, which offers a breathtaking view of this spectacle of nature.

Mosigkau palace in Dessau (Germany) with surrounding gardens and clouds

Mosigkau Palace | Dessau, Germany

Mosigkau palace was finished as a rococo mansion in 1757. The paelac and the garden which surrounds it are part of a union of eight manors and gardens along the river Elbe called the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz. As part of this union, it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage since the year 2000.

Potsdam Sanssouci, Germany

Potsdam Sanssouci | Germany

Potsdam Sanssouci | Germany Germany, Potsdam This is the most typical view you can get of Potsdam Sanssouci. Again a shot that is hard to get without people in it, and also the weather wasn’t our friend that day. Something like an hour later there was a huge...