Grundtvig’s Church | Copenhagen, Denmark

Have you ever seen a church in expressionistic style with a gothic twist? We hadn’t until seeing the Grundtvig’s Church while visiting the capital of Denmark – Copenhagen.

Expressionistic style with a gothic twist

The description of the church style was so convincing that we took a bike. In other words,  “entered highway for bikes” (yes, such exists in Denmark). It was worth the trip. Meanwhile, from outside the church had a design inspired by the look of traditional Danish churches build from limestone. However, what made an immense impression on us was the interior of Grundtvig’s Church. The interior is built to imitate the gothic style of churches, but with a minimalistic touch. As you probably will notice there are no ornaments in this church. The dominating visual impression is light filling the church and reflecting from five million yellow bricks from which the interior is built.

To sum up, the Grundtvig’s Church is open for visitors all year, apart from the time when the mess take place. We didn’t see anybody who would visit it in the time when we were there, so our impression was that this masterpiece is not high on must-see places list for tourist. However, if you want some calm place to spend the afternoon and see something special, you should definitely visit this place.

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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