Gefion Fountain | Copenhagen, Denmark

It is said that many pictures have been taken by pure chance or luck, but for this picture, this saying is actually true – as the photograph of the Gefion Fountain in Copenhagen wasn’t planned at all. In fact, we just wanted to enjoy one day in the Danish capital without scouting for photographic opportunities. However, I obviously still had my camera with me – you never know.

A photograph in order to keep it for eternity

After a long walk through the city and its harbour, we wanted to have a look at the famous Little Mermaid statue. However, we were not alone with this plan and many people already crowded around the bronze figure. A little disappointed we continued to walk until we caught sight of the Gefion Fountain, which was illuminated by the golden light of the slowly setting sun. Needless to say this was a sight I just couldn’t resist to photograph in order to keep it for eternity.

The wishing well is officially the biggest monument in Copenhagen and tells a story about the country’s mythology with its sculptures. The Fountain shows a scene, in which the Aesir Damsel Gefion cuts a trench in between the Island of Zealand and Sweden with her plow, which is led by her three sons who had been turned into bulls. She cuts Zealand off the mainland forever and created the biggest Island in Denmark.

Daria Trinkhaus

Daria Trinkhaus

Daria Trinkhaus is a writer, who loves to discover the hidden stories behind each and every place she visits.

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