Charles Bridge and Malá Strana in Prague | Czech Republic

Are you already longing for new Nico’s photos from Prague, Czech Republic? The Charles Bridge, the Cathedral and the Prague Castle are some of his favourite photographic subjects. And especially this perspective: the view from the centre of Prague to the Malá Strana district, where the main sights of the Czech capital are located. But did you know that Malá Strana used to be independent of Prague town?

Charles Bridge and Malá Strana in Prague

Malá Strana is such a standard touristic item on the “must-see” list in Prague that it doesn’t even occur to us that it didn’t always belong to the capital of Czechia. “The New Town” (as Malá Strana was once called) was founded in 1257 by King Přemysl Ottokar II. It was initially inhabited mainly by colonists from northern Germany. In the 14th century the name changed to “Malá Strana” and after 1784 it was officially incorporated into Prague.

Malá Strana was not always so sophisticated as we know it today. The town suffered many times, mainly due to the Hussite Wars and fires. The inhabitants of this side were mostly poor townsmen and paupers who could not afford to rebuild their houses after all those disasters. Also, until the construction of Hradčany, this district would probably not have been on the list of main places to visit. However, the presence of the king began to attract the aristocracy and artists of the time (e.g. Mozart often stayed here). Around the Prague Castle and the Cathedral, luxurious palaces and magnates’ residences began to appear. Since that time Malá Strana has changed its character and became probably the most sophisticated district of Prague.

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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