Mountain Panorama | Sofia, Bulgaria

There is only one thing better than capturing a panoramic photo of a capital with mountains in the background. What would you say it is?  It’s having a restaurant on top of that building, enjoying some wine and seeing the sky light up. Sofia – Bulgaria’s capital appears to be in the perfect place for such evenings.

There are supposedly roughly 37 mountains in Bulgaria. Within just an hour’s car ride, you can reach at least 20 of them from Sofia. Many of them offer skiing routes and for much warmer months, it is recommended that hiking routes be taken – the diversity of the paths is said to be astonishing. There are lavender plantations in Bulgarian valleys, rose fields, paths in forests like that similar to Grimm’s tales and many other lovely monasteries on the slopes of the mountains.

This autumn weekend we spent time mainly in Sofia, but whilst watching this mind-blowing sunset behind the mountains near the capital of Bulgaria, I promised myself that I would return very soon to discover the nature of this country.

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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