Ivan Vazov National Theatre | Sofia, Bulgaria

When constructed in 1904, the building was simply called the “National Theatre” in Sofia. The first play performed, happened to be Ivan Vazov’s “The Outcasts” and later on the theatre was named after this Bulgarian artist.

In the heart of Sofia

The neoclassical style of architecture is one of my favourites and there in the heart of Sofia, it seemed to fit perfectly. I attempted to shoot this photograph on the afternoon after our arrival to Sofia but the square in front was too crowded. This was likely because of the inviting café that was located on the right-hand side, from the theatre where we later enjoyed some Bulgarian appetisers.

The next morning, I was to give an interview to Bloomberg TV in Bulgaria about my copyright issues and how I spend time to contest them. It happened that our meeting point with the journalist was exactly in front of Ivan Vazov National Theatre and so while the reporter was filming sections about me taking photos, I actually had a chance to capture an image of this beautifully enlightening structure along with the soft light of the morning!

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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