Ostrów Tumski | Wrocław, Poland

Ostrów Tumski, also called „Cathedral Island”, is the oldest part of Wrocław. If you visit it, you will indeed usually enter via a bridge but quickly realize that it is no longer an island. Today it’s “just” an old town district with a large number of religious buildings such as churches, the cathedral, the Archbishop’s palace and spiritual faculties.

In the evening, this part of the city calms down. The tourists disappear and every now and then you find a priest strolling through the dark alleys. As before in my photo from the Wrocław Cathedral, my mind was set back to the 12th century. This image shows now the side of the same cathedral. On the right side you can already discover the wonderful baroque annex to the cathedral, which I will show you soon in its entirety.

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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