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Madrid Fotos – Viaggi & Belle Arti

Statues on the Almudena Cathedral overlooking modern Madrid | Spain

This image was taken from one of the balconies of the Almudena Cathedral while on our February trip to the capital of Spain, Madrid. The sculptures on the terrace were very dominant – distinctively larger than an average sized person. They depict evangelists, Christian Saints and members of the Royal Spanish family. Standing at over two meters high, some of the statues had their “faces” directed into the sky – as if they were looking over the city into infinity.

Puerta de Alcalá | Madrid, Spagna

Puerta de Alcalá | Madrid, Spagna Madrid, Spagna Puerta de Alcalá è probabilmente il primo capolavoro visto se si viaggia con i mezzi pubblici dall’aeroporto di Madrid al centro della città. Questo è stato il caso per noi durante la nostra visita – abbiamo...