St. Pierre Cathedral and the Dragon – unrevealed secret | Geneva, Switzerland

This is a wooden figurine of a small dragon, found in the ancient St. Pierre Cathedral in Geneva.

Now, this is something I definitely don’t do often – taking photos of miniature elements, instead of panoramic views or capturing large-scale images. However, as soon as I saw this wooden figurine of a small dragon, I thought it’s an interesting object for a photo.


The History Behind The St. Pierre Cathedral In Geneva

This little dragon we saw when we were visiting the St. Pierre Cathedral in Geneva. The construction works of the Cathedral commenced in the 12th century. This medieval church is also famous for the influential French pastor and Protestant reformer – Jan Kalvin, preaching there. Another fact from the sphere of art – in 1444, The German painter Konrad Witz painted the so-called St. Peter Altarpiece, which nowadays is kept in a museum.


Is There A Secret Related To The Dragon?

So, at the end, I found it really intriguing to see a figurine of a small dragon in this medieval church and I really tried to get information why is it there. Probably, I thought, there is some symbolic or secret meaning, hidden to the ordinary people. Nevertheless, I couldn’t find anything and left the mystery unrevealed. If somebody knows more about this dragon, please share it here!

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