The Aljafería Palace in Zaragoza | Spain

The sunset in Zaragoza, Spain with view over the Aljafería Palace

I spent all day walking around the Aljafería Palace in Zaragoza in Spain. It was sunny day then, which gave me the opportunity to get some photos from the interior of Aljafería, including the Troubadour Tower – the oldest construction that has five levels.

The Aljafería Palace is the only fortified Islamic palace that dates to the middle ages. The construction works of the palace have been completed in the second half of the 11th century. Being a very well preserved place, today it serves as headquarter of the Aragonese Parliament.

I chose my spot very carefully on this day so that I could have on it gardens surrounding the palace, light of the setting sun in the background and the lights which were illuminating the building during this early evening. To have all this in one photo wasn’t easy but for sure worth the effort.

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