Peñiscola Sunshade | Spain

Peniscola Castle under a sunshade at night

I won’t lie to you… I went to Peñiscola only for this spot. “The city in the Sea”, as local people call it, was tempting me for long time, so that we decided to spend one day of our trip along the eastern coast of Spain there.

Did you know that this place goes back in history from the times of the Iberians? The castle which you see in this photograph was built in the thirteenth century by the Knights Templar. Nowadays with modern illumination, it is still looking impressive, especially from the coast side.
This was a very short, but intensive time in Peñiscola. Just for this view, I can recommend you this place – and apart from that, you’ll get a better feeling of Spain than in bigger cities, as this is a place that Spaniards come to for their annual vacation!

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