Capturing light painting | Menorca, Spain

Tube light painting in Menorca, Spain.

These photos are real and were taken on this planet if you were thinking otherwise! This tube light painting was something very new to me. Before PhotoPills on Menorca, I probably wouldn’t have had any idea as to how it would work and how much fun it would make!

Truly mesmerising

Thanks to Eric Paré and Kim Henry’s dance sessions, I could experience a completely different kind of photography. The night was cold and calm on this day in Menorca and the light and expression of Kim, a professional dancer – were simply enchanting.

But you probably wonder how it is possible to see the light paintings behind the model?

The trick is that there is a person standing behind her with a tube light that when moved, would create such out of space shapes. Truly mesmerising indeed! I do wish to repeat this experience and I am even in the middle of negotiating with Daria if she would help me do so.?

Other images from the light painting:

Tube light painting in Menorca, Spain.
Tube light painting in Menorca, Spain.

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