The Royal Palace and The Plaza de la Armeria | Madrid, Spain

The Royal Palace of Madrid and The Plaza de la Armeria during a sunny day in the winter.

For this very photograph, I had to take x30 photos in total to be able to depict The Royal Palace of Madrid (Palacio Real de Madrid) without people strolling around the square, The Plaza de la Armeria.

Despite the winter months, Madrid is still eagerly visited by many tourists. The climate is very much like Berlin in the late spring, which means that it is a very convenient time to visit this capital. Madrid, located in central Spain, may be very difficult in the summer months for those who dislike the intense heat. This does mean though, that for most photographers, the middle of the winter days in Madrid can be a nightmare.

I wanted to show on my photograph the continual shapeliness of The Royal Palace of Madrid and the inactivity of tourists pausing at a halt that can at times distract the vision. I decided to stand on the terrace of Almudena Cathedral to continue shooting photographs. In total, I took x30 shots to allow me to remove human figures in the post-processing.

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