Puerta de Alcalá – A Night shot | Madrid, Spain

Puerta de Alcalá – A night shot with car light trails in Madrid, Spain.

While in this spot during the day, we discovered that you can capture Puerta de Alcalá in more detail from the small island in-between a pedestrian crossing. In the evening of that same day, I assembled my tripod in the best position, attempting to capture Madrid’s night life during the busy atmosphere.

This definitive photograph took almost a half hour to capture. We were absolutely determined to take a photo that would demonstrate real justice, in how incredibly beautiful the 17th century gate was and the majestic nature of the site at that distinct hour. It took time to perfect the lighting of the car taillights to meticulous detail. The gate watching on – now met with honking car horns, bold taillights and passers-by holding animated conversations on their way to dinner, at a place where a more modest and simple Madrid stood, once upon a time.

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