La Monumental | Barcelona, Spain

La Monumental bullring in Barcelona, Spain

Can you beleive, that we were greeted by this view every day morning during our stay in Barcelona? This is the bullring „La Monumental“, and it really lives up to its name! The arena is located in the iconic district Eixample, where it fills the space of one entire block of houses. It actually was the last bullfighting arena in Catalonia that was commercially used. Today, it is still used for sport events or concerts and can fit up to 25,000 people. It was finished in 1916 and is strongly inspired by Byzantine architecture.

As Barcelona is partially a planned city, not many buildings are noticably higher then average. But when we booked our room for the Trip, we were lucky and managed to stay in one of the few „skyscrapers“. Otherwise, I would not have been able to capture this amazing view of the city. It also enabled me to see this wonderful sight in many different light situations, so I could confidently pick my favourite time to capture this frame.

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