Gardens By The Bay | Singapore

Photo of a colorful attraction that can be seen at the Singapore Gardens by the Bay.

No, this is not a scene from a sci-fi movie. Such fantastic places actually exist on planet Earth and those of you have visited this city-state in Southeast Asia, can recognize the remarkable Singapore Gardens.


The Gardens by the Bay – a symphony of colors and sounds

While visiting Singapore we were impressed by many things, but the Gardens by the Bay were the culmination of our tour. Daria and I went there during the daytime and then we waited for my favorite blue hour to take photos.

The trees you see in the picture are illuminated when the sun goes down. Then the light-music show begins, with bright colors that change according to classical music pieces.


Singapore, the pearl of Southeast Asia

It’s not a surprise that Singapore is also called the Lion City or the Garden City. Did you know that in a period of around 50 years, the city has managed to increase its territory by 23%, thanks to land reclamation? The results of Singapore’s greening policy could be seen everywhere – the island is rich in parks and gardens.

If you plan to travel to this South Asian city, make sure to arrange few hours just for the amazing attractions, offered by the Singapore Gardens by the Bay.

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