Laser show in Singapore

Where to see the laser show in Singapore from?

Many ask “where is the best place to see a laser show in Singapore?”. We found one solution to this: rent an Airbnb overlooking Marina Bay and drive up to the top viewing floor of the skyscraper, just when it starts to get dark.


This photo of the spectacle of lasers in Singapore was taken a few years ago. It was only this year that Nico sentimentally revisited the photographs he took on our first trip to Asia in 2016. This means that today, the water and laser spectacle at Marina Bay may look a little different. We have heard, for example, that a new part of ‘Spectra’ has been added to an earlier show.


But the fact remains – a laser show in Singapore is a ‘must see’. And sometimes it is better to stay not in Marina Bay, but in one of the nearby skyscrapers 😉

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