Qatar and camels - Doha

Camels in the centre of Doha; Qatar

Camels have always been friends of the Bedouins. These graceful animals can survive extreme desert temperatures, and lack of water even for weeks and can run several hundred kilometers a day carrying their riders bravely.


Today, when cars have replaced camels as transportation means, these animals are still the pride of Qataris and a significant tourist attraction. They can usually be spotted in the desert dunes outside the country’s capital. Many Bedouins offer for tourists to ride them and experience a traditional Arab encampment.


On this day, however, as we were exploring the center of Doha in the distance, we saw a herd of animals with their riders. At first, we thought they were perhaps horses, as we usually see them in other cities. When we got closer, however, we saw that they were… camels.


Apparently, this was an unusual sight for the people of Qatar’s capital and many of them began to gather in the street adjacent to the area where these animals were being trained. As if for photographs, the riders stood in a line showing off the camels’ excellent training. Nico did not need to be invited twice to capture these beautiful animals in an urban setting.



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