Sunset with D. Luis Bridge | Porto, Portugal

Sunset in Porto with D. Luis Bridge and city skyline, Portugal.

During our six weeks stay in Portugal, we were often asked by friends and locals of our preference of cities – Porto or Lisbon. Though this question seemed to be the first to be asked from friends after visiting Portugal, I still didn’t know the answer.

Lisbon was such a great place to be, that we extended our stay to 4 weeks. We were constantly told that Porto would be even more beautiful, so we should go there and indeed, it was very charming. There were so many beautiful places in this town, places that would have motivated more photos, though the shot of this bridge was high on my priority list.

Did you know that the architect who began the construction of the D. Luis Bridge was Gustav Eiffel? The same architect that constructed the Eiffel Tower. The interesting thing however, is that he didn’t actually finish this task. It was his apprentice, Theophile Seyrig who completed the construction.

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