Spring-Time | Porto, Portugal

Spring in Porto, Portugal. A river view of the D. Luis Bridge.

When leaving for Portugal, we decided not to return to Berlin, before spring came. Due to wishful thinking on our part, we realised that Porto during the month of March would not necessarily be sunnier than Berlin, as we had later learned. Considering that the temperatures always increase in Portugal, on those sunny days, we could still enjoy spring already – even in February and March.

Many of such colorful boats, as you see in the photo, are docked along the Douro River in Porto. Most of these boats are now just touristic attractions, but back in the day, the Port wine was transported with them.

Aside from these small boats owned mostly by Porto wine producers, there are many others in the harbor, which are used now for visiting the Douro valley nearby Porto. If you are a fan of Portuguese wine, you will know which region in Portugal I am referring to!

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