Praça de Carlos Alberto | Porto, Portugal

Porto Praça de Carlos Alberto on a sunny day, Portugal.

We almost passed the square of Carlos Alberto in Porto without realising. Once we stopped, we then heard such relaxing music played from speakers near a statue and we saw people laying on stretchers which were stood up there. On this day, there were many stalls with local products, paintings, handmade jewelry and more.

We changed our course and slowly walk in and around the Praça de Carlos Alberto. The brilliance of the colors and cheerful atmosphere of this find, set us in the perfect mood for further sightseeing of Porto but there was more of this square to be seen. I imagined how it would look, empty during the early morning hours and I was lucky enough that during all those March rainy days in Porto, there was just one morning that we enjoyed a clear blue sky.

The shot worked – just as I had envisioned it!

The name of the square originates from the King of Piedmond and Sardinia Carlos Alberto. After being dethroned in 1849, he settled as refugee in Porto in a building located behind the square.

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