Madeira - Dolphin and whale watching | Portugal

Dolphin and whale watching on the Madeira coast - catamaran cruise; Portugal

Madeira is probably the best place in southern Europe to see the various populations of dolphins and whales. Depending on the season, about 8 kinds of whales and more than 20 kinds of dolphins can be spotted off the coast of Madeira.


Theoretically, the best time to see dolphins and whales is between April and November. But in reality – anything can happen. Dolphins, pilot whale and sperm whales visit Madeira regardless of the season. And even if you take a trip in high season (like Team Sumfinity in May) it doesn’t mean you will see whales.


But you can always count on dolphins – these curious and charming creatures like to keep company to the boats passing along the Madeira coast. Team Sumfinity chose a catamaran trip and none of us regretted our choice.

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