Views on Azenhas do Mar | Portugal

Views on Azenhas do Mar in Sintra, Portugal.

When I look at this photo of a small village in Portugal, it reminds me that there are still so many more undiscovered wonders out there that need to be captured. I would never have learned so much about Azenhas do Mar if it had not been for befriending photographer Joao from JP Matias Photography. He was the most passionate guide I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

Along the west coast of Portugal

Reaching Azenhas do Mar involved a ride along the west coast of Portugal. There was something almost breath-taking, but also intimidating about the cliffs we could see, and the Atlantic Ocean that burst stunningly onto the rocky coast. Standing slightly on the edge of the land, I could perceive all this jaggedness, adding a touch of beauty to nature.

Azenhas do Mar during the sunset, reminded me of images, of such Italian villages as the Cinque Terre or Positano. Though it had a great advantage over it – the area wasn’t very touristic. The often-overlooked small town in the Sintra district, seemed to be undiscovered by photographers and tourists. Thanks to Joao, I felt like I had discovered a pearl that no one had yet seen.

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