Windmills In Zaanse Schans | Netherlands

Windmills like De Gekroonde Poelenburg in Zaanse Schans in the Netherlands.

My cognitive connections about the Netherlands are the Gouda, Tulips and of course the beautiful windmills. Therefore, I promised not to return home – especially without capturing a windmill in the Netherlands.

In our modern age, there are only 1,200 fully operational windmills in the Netherlands. Several in the “Old Holland” region, including the famous beauties from Zaanse Schans. Over a few centuries ago, there were over 10,000 windmills across the Netherlands and they were used to pump water out of the lowlands, to make flour from grains and to press oil from seeds or saw wood.

From my personal research, this green windmill from the photograph above is named De Gekroonde Poelenburg and it was used for sawing wood.

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