Amsterdam at Night | Netherlands

Night view of Amsterdam, Netherlands – View of the canal, boats and houses.

I have traveled to quite a few capitals in Europe recently, but Amsterdam takes the bite! This city has found itself at the top of our “Return ASAP” list.

This is a photograph from my recent trip with 030mm-Photography. We were lucky enough to have the sky slightly clear for us during the night so that we could take some night-time shots. The city is simply perfect for that, offering visitors so many beautiful views along the canal.

There are exactly 165 canals, so the decision as to which one to capture was not so easy. The composition though was always accomplished by the presence of several boats. The boats pictured above were rather small, in comparison to the 2,500 other houseboats which were all around Amsterdam. The colors, however, contrasted the houses perfectly and only stressed gently the uniqueness of the houses.

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