Podgorica Panorama | Montenegro

Podgorica Panorama with the Montenegrin Mountains in the background.

Podgorica is unlike any city that I have seen. There is something hmm… “natural” –  genuine in this place. This is the capital which is yet to be ruined by the heavy tourism mass business. It’s a place where you can experience native culture and where western trends are adjusted to the local taste.

From many points in the city, you can see the dark lines of the Montenegrin Mountains – these are typical “elements” for the city skyline. Naturally then, they had to have their “place” shown in my photograph, when I wanted to capture the living area of the capital of Montenegro.

Aside from grand mountains surrounding the valley where Podgorica lay, I was tempted to capture the history and contrasts of this city. As you probably know, the Montenegro economy bears the consequences of communist rulings from the past century. The politics had also influenced the architecture of the city, with the towering buildings in the background present. As a contrast, in the foreground, you can see the modern residential areas, as you would know it from any European capital.

I was delighted about the composition of the contrast of nature, politics and our modern days. This produced a calmness in the area, the way history has been depicted, how these elements have merged and created the modern Podgorica which my friends and I have enjoyed so much.

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