Church of St. George | Podgorica, Montenegro

Podgorica Church of St. George and Park around Gorica hill, Montenegro.

Podgorica Church of St. George on Gorica Hill

This small Orthodox church of St. George is the oldest church in the capital of Montenegro. It is situated on Gorica hill (‘Gorica’ in Montenegrin means small hill and ‘pod-gorica’ means literally under small hill).

When we visited this site, the church itself was closed – so we couldn’t admire the famous frescos inside. We still walked around and discovered the old-style commentary in the graveyards touched by time. We were very grateful for the sun rays we enjoyed, considering it was at the end of December. I believed that in the darkness of the night or in the grey light, the area would be very spooky.

Unfortunately, though, we did not find much information about this church on the Internet.

Maybe you know some stories connected to this place?

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