New Year 2017 | Kotor, Montenegro

New Year 2017 picture of the Kotor Sea Gate, taken at sunrise.

If you want to have a different New Year celebration, choose a historic place as Kotor, Montenegro. What I especially liked about our visit in this picturesque city is that it wasn’t so crowded as it is during the tourist season.


Kotor gates at sunrise

I remember taking this picture on the day after our arrival. It was just before the sunrise. New Year lights illuminated cheerfully the small streets of the town. Those of you, who had the pleasure to visit Kotor in Montenegro, know that the Kotor gates – the entrances to the Old Town, are three. What you see here is the famous Kotor Sea Gate – the main entrance, constructed in 1555.


Kotor in Montenegro – a town with an ancient background

Indeed, it has been first mentioned in 168 BC, while being part of the Roman province of Dalmatia. Situated on the Adriatic coast, Kotor has a rich history of a place that has survived Venetian and Ottoman rules, as well as Habsburg and Napoleonic rules.

Today Kotor, Montenegro is a World Heritage Site that offers everything a modern tourist would wish for – well-preserved historic constructions, organized transportation and accommodation, cultural events. I had a great New Year in Montenegro with my friends and, who knows, Kotor 2017 may well become Kotor 2018!

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