Burano waterway | Italy - Venice area

Burano's water canal at sunset; Italy - Venice area

Burano is an island just 7 kilometers from Venice, Italy. You can get there by water bus from Venice (Vaporetto) or by water taxi. Although Venice itself is an intense experience that will take you a minimum of a few days, Burano is definitely worth making room for in your itinerary.


Burano is known for two things: the lusciously colored houses and the lace-making that began in the late 15th century. But why are these houses so colorful when the buildings of nearby Venice are less so? Rumor has it that fishermen living in Burano had difficulty finding their house when they returned from fishing in the evening. Thanks to the colors, they could distinguish where their haven was. Does this explanation make sense? I don’t know… Or maybe it’s just that this color paradise is the result of the inhabitants’ personal aesthetic sense and fashion?


What do you think? Why is Burano such a colorful paradise?


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