Picco di Vallandro | Dolomites, Italy

A meadow in front of Picco di Vallandro in the Dolomites in South Tirol, Italy

The wonderful thing about the Dolomites is that when you take a drive through the mountain valleys to your destination, and you look around – you will see that this route is more interesting than the end. The view on Picco Di Vallandro (translated in German – Dürrenstein) from the flourishing valley, was an absolute pleasant surprise.

On this day, we wanted to visit a plateau nearby and then visit the Lago di Braies. Suddenly, to our left, we saw a valley with old wooden cabins. We stopped and followed the path which led us through the flourishing meadow.

We wondered why there were several wooden cabins within feet of the Picco di Vallandro mountains. In the beginning, we thought it was because of the mountain’s popularity for skiing during the winter season. But in reality, this location is still quite far from the skiing slopes.

Do you have any idea why they stand there?

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