Misurina Lake | Dolomites, Italy

Misurina Lake with mountain reflections in the Dolomites, Italy.

You will immediately notice when you’re in Misurina in the Dolomites, that the air will be unlike what you’ve ever experienced. The lake Misurina and its surroundings are believed to have good air for healing respiratory diseases. From our experience, we found that breathing 1754 meters above sea level wasn’t easy, but it may just be that the views were simply breath-taking.?

Crying his tears formed a lake

There is an interesting, beautiful legend about the Misurina Lake in the Dolomites, which I would like to share since it fits perfectly with the photo. According to the legend, Misurina was a beautiful girl held in the palms of her father’s hand, the giant King Sorapiss. To satisfy the wish of his daughter, King Sorapiss wanted to give her a mirror from the Queen of Monte Cristallo, in order to do that he had to change into a mountain. Through this transformation, he saw that Misurina had fallen out of his hand. Crying, his tears formed a lake, which significantly would now be forever home for Misurina and her magic mirror.

We didn’t see neither Misurina, nor did we notice her father anywhere. We did admire the smooth surface of the lake, which beautifully reflected the mountainous surroundings much like a mirror.

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