From the top of Bergamo | Italy

Bergamo in Italy. HDR Photo from top of Castello di San Vigilio

Bergamo is the town that surprised me the most on all my trips through Italy. It is built in three layers, starting at the bottom of the hill with the new town (Città Bassa) where we had our accommodation. That part of the city was nothing special in my opinion. It’s beautiful but not outstanding. With the bus you can go up to the old town (Città Alta) and here you will discover all the beauty of Bergamo. The view from the old city walls and the architecture within the walls are breathtaking. But that’s not enough. With a cable car you can go further up, up to the ruins of the Castello di San Vigilio which is located above Bergamo. From there you have a view on the new and old town in the same time and the panoramic Alps in the background. While standing there I noticed myself thinking, hell – why did I plan only one day for Bergamo?

Bergamo will definitely be able to welcome us again. The flights are cheap as the airport of the town serves as a cheap way to get to Milan. My advice: When going through Bergamo to Milan, plan at least a day for Bergamo – in my opinion that’s worth more than a day in Milan.

Technical Details

Camera: Canon EOS 500D
Lens: Canon EF-S 18-55mm @ 18mm
ISO: 100
Exposures: 3 (-2, 0, +2)
Aperture: 8
Exposure time (middle): 1/200s
Tripod: none
Location: On the ruins of the Castello di San Vigilio on the top of Bergamo
Software: Lightroom 4.3, Photoshop CS6, Photomatix Pro

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