The Monastiraki Square at night | Athens, Greece

A beautiful photo that shows the vivid Monastiraki Square in Athens at night.

It’s amazing how a retrospection of your journey to another place brings back a collection of memories. Sometimes they are colorful and other times – not. In the case of Monastiraki Square, the colors are always bright.

The lively Monastiraki Square in Athens never sleeps

Same as the colossal metropolis New York, Athens also is a city that never sleeps. Looking at this colorful photo, I remember how fascinated I was, watching a city so ancient, living to the fullest every time of the day and night!

Why Monastiraki Square is such a busy place?

First of all, I think that this is mostly due to the fact that Athens is the capital of Greece. As such, the city is a focal point of all important administrative, business and cultural institutions and events. If you’ve been there you also know that Monastiraki Square is a connection point of several metro lines, and a center of trade with the famous flea market and a variety of shops and restaurants.

Enjoying the bright coloring of that image, I hope to go back to the charming capital of Greece, to the vivid Monastiraki Square, full of life, laughter and delicious food.

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