Neuruppin in Brandenburg | Germany

Seebruecke in Neuruppin / Fontanestadt in Brandenburg, Germany.

Lookout for the punchline…

Daria: “Oh, you processed a new photo from Malaysia?”

Me: “It’s Brandenburg”. ?

Yes, I know, I often joke about Brandenburg – but let’s not forget, I’m a Berliner after all. From time to time though, we enjoy a few day trips e.g. our memorable visit to Neuruppin.

We had a very pleasant walk along the lake and the town, though the weather wasn’t perfect at all. This photo was taken just before a storm, which surprised us, and we were unfortunately soaked. I was pleased, however, as I was able to capture the impressive structure of the clouds before it started to rain.

“You say that in Germany – Neuruppin is the most Prussian town from all the Prussian Towns”.

The Neuruppin is also called Fontanestadt, from the name of Theodor Fontane who was born there. Fontane was a famous German novelist and poet from the 19th century that used the realism style. You might already know of his tales e.g. Geschwisterliebe (Sibling Love) or Gedichte?

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