The Euro | Frankfurt (Main), Germany

Euro Symbol and European Central Bank in Frankfurt (Main)

Since we hold the election to the European Parliament today in Germany, I have a small contribution. I know that many have negative thoughts about the European Union or especially about the Euro. But still, can you believe how glad I am to be able to travel the way I can today? Without waiting time at the border and without having to apply for a visa months before the trip. An Erasmus stay in Prague made me a European citizen. Daria was able to move from Poland to Berlin and start working here – without obtaining any permits, just like that.

And when I suddenly unexpectedly and unplanned stood in front of the big Euro sign at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, I had a bit of goose bumps. Since I studied economy, I know that you can complain much about the common currency, but I don’t want to discuss this here. Instead, I’m just happy to be able to vote today.

Technical Details

Camera: Canon EOS 500D
Lens: Canon EF-S 10-22mm @ 12mm
ISO: 100
Exposures: 9 in steps of 1 EV
Aperture: 11
Exposure time (middle): 1/180s
Tripod: handheld
Date: Taken in February 2014
Location: At the European Central Bank in Frankfurt (Main)
Software: Lightroom 5.4, Photoshop CC, Photomatix Pro, NIK Define 2, NIK Color Efex Pro 4, NIK Sharpener Pro 3

Interesting links regarding the Euro and Frankfurt

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