Mosigkau Palace | Dessau, Germany

Mosigkau palace in Dessau (Germany) with surrounding gardens and clouds

On an August weekend, a spontaneous trip took us to this unique scene. This is the Palace “Schloss Mosigkau”, which is located 140 km south of Berlin. This year, we enjoyed an exceptionally long late summer, thus this particular day was very warm and sunny.

That way, we were able to enjoy the beauty of the building even more. Mosigkau palace was finished as a rococo mansion in 1757. The paelac and the garden which surrounds it are part of a union of eight manors and gardens along the river Elbe called the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz. As part of this union, it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage since the year 2000, which had already sparked my interest. We were rewarded by this impressive play of colours unfolding in front of us. Paired with the wonderful symmetry of mansion and garden and the slowly passing clouds, it was a sight too beautiful not to capture

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