Chancellor’s Bungalow – Main Room | Bonn, Germany

German Chancellor Bungalow in Bonn

Now this is how it looked like, the room of power and the heart of the German Government for 35 years until 1999. This is where the Chancellors like Willy Brandt, Helmut Schmidt and Helmut Kohl lived and received international guests.

Again, it’s nothing like the White House or other highly representative government buildings in the world. It’s rather the opposite and not every chancellor was happy with it. To be honest, I couldn’t imagine living there and it’s a miracle to me how they could expect that of someone who represents Germany on such high level.

Anyways, this is the room on which the meetings took place. It’s not hard to imagine the powerful people of politics sitting down in the lounge chairs discussing the fate of their people, is it?

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